I’ve been writing on here for a few days, and I’m becoming more acquainted with the WordPress community in the process. In so doing, I’ve learned that you lot are incredibly talented and knowledgeable on some of the very things I want to talk about. That leaves me with a bit of a dilemma. There seem to be three things I can do about this:

  1. Decide/Realize that this blog is for me rather than for anyone else, and the talent of others is irrelevant to me finding my own voice, then keep doing what I’m doing heedless of what anyone else is writing
  2. Treat this as a constant work in progress. Rather than expecting top shelf writing from day one, I’ll just write what I write and hope to one day be one of the really talented people I’m worrying about right now.
  3. Alter my topical focus toward something that doesn’t already seem to be saturated with talent, and away from areas where I’ll end up being drowned out by other voices elsewhere.

At first, considering these, #3 seemed like a retreat. I didn’t like the idea, I don’t like the idea, at least not as an exclusive solution. Nevertheless, there are topics and ideas worth talking about that aren’t being talked about, and it would be worthwhile to give these some energy and focus. That doesn’t mean I’m shying away from genetically engineered organisms or politics or economics or anything else where I may be listed against some truly stellar authors, but I will try to balance that by writing about democratic reform and the philosophy of role-playing (you’re welcome, Danielle!) and a potpourri of other topics where I might not be in quite so big a pond. It took me a few days to realize it and will probably take me a few months to find my stride, but I hope I am at least moving in a positive direction by doing that. Stay with me and watch the change, wont you?



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